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About Body Warrior Athletics

 - EST 2016 -

After purchasing the brand in July 2020, we sought out our mission and purpose for the brand. My close friend who greatly inspires me and others told me in the car ride to the gym the other day...

"I secretly always wanted to be an athlete for Body Warrior. I love the designs and how the apparel fits and feels, of course. But even more so, I always saw Body Warrior as meaning 'overcoming obstacles and bettering yourself in any ways you can. It's not about being athletic and ripped. To me, it represents overcoming yourself, changing yourself for better, and conquering your own thoughts and judgements against yourself.' That's how I interpreted the brand for myself...especially after having thyroid cancer and my whole perspective changed."

~ Devon Roberson

So there it is...

Our Purpose: Help as many people as possible see the brand as Devon Roberson does where Body Warrior Represents: conquering your own thoughts and judgements against yourself and overcoming obstacles to continue bettering yourself day in and day out.

We are located at:

960 N Hills Road, Ste 3

York, PA 17402

United States of America

Our goal is to ship fast!

If ordered by 1pm EST, same day shipping!

2-3 day shipping on most domestic orders!

Contacting Us:

Please email us at info@bodywarriorathletics.com or visit our CONTACT US page to get in contact with us.

Thank you for supporting Body Warrior Athletics!